2016 Acura NSX

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by kusuma wijaya

After years of teasing and concept reveals, the Acura NSX is finally intending to be a reality. This was confirmed by a press unharness from honda informing us so it had selected a production facility : an all-new, 184, 000-square-foot performance manufacturing center in ohio. This production facility will just be within honda’s former north american logistics facility nearby Honda’s R&D and engineering operations.

Very little is known relating out to the production version of one’s NSX except the very fact that’s can carry a mid-mounted, direct-injected v-6 engine and Acura’s sport hybrid sh-awd system. The experience hybrid sh-awd uses a trio of electric motors – one mated towards the engine and 2 driving the front wheels – to assist boost the v-6 engine’s performance and overall vehicle stability. The most recent concept’s engine attached to some dual-clutch transmission and then we expect the exact due to production model. Unfortunately, honda released no details on the total output and performance of one’s NSX, thus we are within the dark here. We do figure to discover not less than four hundred horsepower due to 2016 NSX while a 0-to-60 mph time around 4 seconds.

The 2013 NSX Concept is probably the one that’s most similar to just what the NSX can really appear like, minus the crazy headlights and wheels. The red and black leather interior is extremely realistic for production and also the body isn’t too over the highest that ought to be thought of for production.

Production can begin in ohio in 2015, creating this a 2016 model year not the 2015 model year that anticipated earlier. We will help you updated as additional data becomes out there.

Powertrain and Features 2016 Acura NSX

Honda has already confirmed that the 2016 Acura NSX will employ a new gas/electric hybrid powertrain providing “through the road” all-wheel drive, but hasn’t yet confirmed engine size, system power, and other specifics. However, journalists got to sample a prototype installation in a Honda Accord sedan before the fall 2011 Tokyo Auto Show, and we may get a clearer picture on outputs and performance when the powertrain debuts in muted form with the next-generation Acura MDX SUV, due in 2013. Because the MDX is a front-engine vehicle, the powertrain will be turned front-to-back for the NSX, where it may have the awkward name Sport Hybrid Super Handling-All-Wheel Drive, or SH SH-AWD, as on the Detroit concept.

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No matter. Unlike Honda’s IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) system, the 2016 Acura NSX (and redesigned MDX) will be a full parallel hybrid like the various Toyota/Lexus models, so they can use one or both power sources depending on conditions. The NSX is expected to carry a gasoline V6 engine behind the cockpit to drive the rear wheels via a 7-speed dual-clutch automated manual transmission with an integrated electric motor. The transmission should operate much like a conventional automatic, while the engine should be a 3.5-liter unit (possibly a 3.7) with direct fuel injection–something new to Honda–and perhaps gas-saving cylinder deactivation too. Completing the AWD is an electric motor at each front wheel–dubbed the “2 Electric Motor Drive Unit with a bilateral torque adjustable control system.” (Who thinks up these names?) Unlike conventional AWD setups, the front and rear wheels are not physically connected, because SH SH-AWD is an electronic system that dispenses with propshafts, clutches, and differentials. That reduces weight, which is particularly advantageous for a handling-focused sports car, but we wonder if the saving won’t be offset by the mass of the battery pack, which will likely be a lithium-ion array, perhaps with plug-in capability.

Like most other hybrids, the 2016 Acura NSX will have a brake-regeneration feature to keep the propulsion batteries juiced while driving. In addition, as Car and Driver’s Michael Austin notes, SH SH-AWD “allows the engine to decouple from the electric motor [so that] during electric regeneration, all of the energy can flow through the motor (acting as a generator) into the batteries; no energy is used to spin the gasoline engine. Similarly, no battery power is wasted spinning the engine during EV-mode [electric] stints, which is currently the case with Honda’s hybrids.” And as we understand it, the NSX would use only its front motors for electric-only driving. But because all three motors are electronically controlled, they can also be used to “vector” or apportion torque between each set of wheels in any driving mode to enhance cornering grip and stability. That means applying positive torque (power) to the outside wheel or wheels and “negative torque” to the inside through motor “drag” (energy regen). Austin also observes that if the drive batteries are depleted, the NSX could employ its rear motor as a generator to keep the SH SH-AWD operating. All this sounds pretty slick, and we’re eager to see if the system works as well as Honda suggests.

As for the rest of it, the 2016 Acura NSX will almost certainly follow Honda practice in being sold as a fully equipped base model with no factory options, though we see at least two upgrade versions equipped with feature packs emphasizing luxury or performance. The last might include a tuned engine, additional lightweight components, larger brakes and tires, and/or aerodynamic body addenda such as a speed-linked power rear spoiler. We can only guess at comfort and convenience equipment right now, but count on a standard voice-activated navigation system with Acura’s Real-Time Traffic and Weather functions and interior trim mixing tech-look aluminum and/or carbon fiber with hybrid-appropriate “eco” fabrics and plastics made from recycled materials.

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