Nissan GT-R Juke-R

By | April 18, 2015

Build has return and gone. the vehicle is done. merely a lucky few were there whenever the 485-horsepower twin-turbo v6 borrowed issued from a nissan gt-r.

nissan juke r 1024x680 The end of the Nissan Juke RCleared its throat for the first time. The thrills and high-fives, that wave of adrenaline that buoys dog-tired men, and the long minutes of standing around and grinning at your project as it burbles away is a private moment that only the builders can fully appreciate.

Respecting the space of the Juke-R build team doesn’t mean we don’t want to examine this evil little mutant closely. Nissan UK knows this, and has thrown us all a bone with 11 new pictures and three videos of the Juke-R, one with audio of the revving engine. The ultimate payoff will be the figures from performance testing, which we expect to see soon.

Using an online performance-stat calculator, we first plugged the stats of a normal Juke, deciding to go with the heaviest curb weight of 3,200 lbs, and the numbers it spat back, 7.6 seconds from zero to 60 mph and a 15.93-second quarter mile, dovetail pretty well with what car magazines have gotten, though the glossy print guys are a bit faster.

Taking that same 3,200 lb weight (though we don’t know whether the Juke-R is lighter or heavier than a standard Juke) and going for 485 hp

returns a predicted 3.6 second 0-60 run and a quarter mile that gets scorched in 11.44 seconds with a 124 mph trap speed. We could live with that. We’ve added the new images to our gallery, and you can check out the videos posted after the jump. Key hashtags: #nissan#juke

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