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Audi A8 Hybrid Concept

Within the thems big words department, Audi is calling its A8 Hybrid the efficiency customary. And its not specifically untrue since the top-of-the-peak, 211-horsepower 2. 0-liter sedan boosted by a 45-hp electric motor has a lot of power than an a3 tdi but a faster 0-60 sprint, nevertheless the gas mileage comparison isnt unfavorable :… Read More »

2015 Audi R8

The Audi R8 was first launched around the time of 2007 and albeit it really has remained successful throughout its several years that you can purchase, Audi has simply released an update for our entire R8 line-up before its new generation is debuted in 2015. the new R8 went on sale in europe along at… Read More »

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